The Big “J”

The rumors are true! Pete has accepted a new job &, drum roll please, we are moving to Chicago – well to be a little more accurate, we’ll most likely be moving to one of the northern suburbs. Exited? Absolutely! Stressed? Just a little. When flying home for Grant & Betsy’s wedding we managed to fly through Chicago and had a chance to scope out the joint. When I say fly through Chicago, I mean we had a little less than a 24 hour layover there giving us just enough time to meet with a mortgage broker and a real estate agent. Did I mention we are going to try to buy our first home!? Super exciting. We managed to see 12 houses in about 5 hours & even though we didn’t find our home we did get a better idea what we are looking for (and so did our agent). We did make an offer on a bank owned property but were beat by a cash offer. Guarantee that house is going to get flipped and we’ll see it back on the market in a matter of months. Oh ya, it did need a bit of TLC which I was (going to be) happy to DIY.

We also flew home with megamounts of luggage – that is 4 checked suitcases, 2 roll-on carry-ons, plus 1 backpack & 1 suit bag. All in all, over 300lbs of luggage (just think how much that would have cost to ship). We’ll do the same on our final trip home & believe it or not, that should be everything. Like many flats in London, ours was “move-in ready” which means we don’t own any of the furniture and the few pieces we added (desk, bookcase, TV & stand) we have already sold. Oh and we sold Pete’s bike. I did some serious packing & organizing when we were in Rhode Island. It seems were in pretty good shape for when the UPack arrives.

The next couple of weeks promise to be quite busy. By tomorrow we should know when we’ll be leaving the UK which will likely be March 10thish, the 17th at the very latest. Per bank policy Pete can’t work for another company for 30 days from the day he resigns (yesterday) so we have a little wiggle room for the international move. And, of course, the last few trips we are planning to take. Istanbul is on the books for next weekend and hopefully a few days skiing or a trip to Athens or Rome is in the cards.

Now you know what the big “J” is…More updates & information to come.


3 thoughts on “The Big “J”

  1. Oh Annie that is awesome. i’m so proud of you two. I will be praying for a beautiful , smooth transition! love ya, Aunt Stace

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