When it snows in London…

…count on the public transportation system to get you home – over ground, underground, buses, DRL, you name it – expect delays if not complete closure.
…expect shoveled or salted sidewalks or roads.
…think you will see a cab with it’s light on.
…soak your gloves making snowballs before you realize you’ll have to walk most of the way home in freezing temperatures.
…get so absorbed in your snowball fight that you hit a random pedestrian with a snowball.
…find humor in the girl pulling her suitcase down the snowy sidewalk; she will hate you.

…apologize when you hit aforementioned pedestrian with stray snowball.
…run to the Piccadilly Line when you hear the last train is leaving the station, this will save you at a mile walk.
…plan on getting your feet wet or be very thankful that you 1. Wore SmartWool socks 2. Waterproofed your boots last week.
…take pictures of the snow…after all snow in London is almost an oxymoron.

…build a snowman when waiting for a cab. …enjoy every minute of the 2.5 hour trip because it will likely be the last time you walk the snowy sidewalks of London.


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