All Pete Wanted for Christmas was a Trip to the Cabaret

So this isn’t a difficult concept to understand, on a whim your husband books a last-minute romantic getaway to a European city. He meets you at the train station to catch your flight, risks bodily harm by trying to get onto the train with you as the doors were closing (which didn’twork) and then finally you fly off into the night together. Upon arrival in Prague there is a car waiting to bring you to your swanky hotel and upon arrival at the hotel…younotice a cabaret across the street. Now I am no rocket scientist, but I would believe that the love and affection this husband showed earned him a seat at the cabaret. Let’s be honest, while this sounds sleazy, Moulin Rouge is a cabaret, these women are professionals, it’s hardly different from say…Phantomof the Opera or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (don’t askwhy I picked those two). However, clearly not everyone agrees with my(seemingly obvious) view of this situation and there was no cabaret invitation extended (actually that is a lie, had “husband” eaten an entire jalapeño whole then there may have been some cabaret tickets to be had).

Despite this however, the weekend was very good! Well there was also the nice dinner that husband booked (same one as above that poor fellow, real hopeless romantic this guy) only to find out when looking at the menu and speaking to the waiter that there was NOTHING lactose free served there besides a garden salad. Not to fear, crisis averted when he escorted his wife to another fine establishment (ranked 15th on TripAdvisor or so they said at the door…which is sketchy) which had edible food but…NO BEER. Despite all this, the weekend went well and it was another great adventure that husband enjoyed with his wife!

– Anonymous


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