Prague for the weekend? Sure, why not!

Prague for the weekend? Sure, why not?

Pete emailed me this morning and asked if I wanted to go away for the weekend. Athens? Rome? Prague? What kinds of deals is BA running this weekend. Well, as the title of this post gives away, Prague was the winner. Apparently it’s a winter city? Great let’s got.

Luckily I was working from home or this little trip would had never worked out. Pete literally booked our flights at 3:30pm and asked me to meet him at Paddington at 5:20pm. Ok I had about 40 minutes to be out the door…just let me throw some things in a bag and hope we have enough underwear to last until Sunday. Kidding…underwear was top three on the list, coming in just below passports & camera. Check, check and check.

So out the door. To Paddington early despite minor delays on the jubilee line. And this is where the drama begins…Pete got to Paddington 1 minute before the HEX train was leaving, so he grabbed a bag and we ran to train. I made it…he didn’t. Neither did my hand bag that had my phone, wifi devices, wallet…And tickets.

The ticket guy was understanding, gave me a smile and “don’t worry about it” when I explained why I did have a ticket and couldn’t buy a new one. Ok make it to Heathrow…T3 or T5? I get off at T3 knowing I had 15 minutes to figure out which terminal we were leaving from. Most BA flights leave from T5, Prague is one of the 8 exceptions. Yes! Don’t need to transfer.

I parked myself in front of the elevators waiting for Pete. When the next HEX train came and went with no Pete I began to get a little nervous. Plan B…head to ticketing counter and have them call him. They did think it was a little sketchy that I didn’t know his phone number….or my own (embarrassing!) but they called him and delivered the message that I was waiting for him. He was in T5. A very winded Pete made it to T3 about 15 minutes later.

We cut it very close but thankfully did make our flight…We got to Prague & it was snowing. I guess this is a winter city.


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