Good Eats

This weekend we had brunch with some friends at Bill’s Cafe in Covent Garden.  Great place.  The decor is rustic & the food was delicious.  I had a humus & halloumi sandwich.  Yum.  The weather was also gorgeous, in the 60’s, so after brunch we walked around Covent Garden for a bit & looked at all the Christmas decorations.

A few weeks ago we noticed that a new restaurant was coming to the Wharf, better yet, on our side of the bridge.  Pete was quite excited since he has been to another one of their locations & raved about the food.  I’ve been walking by every day on my way home from work for the past two weeks checking in on he progress.  Fastest construction ever.  I asked some of the workers when they opened last week &, to my surprise, they said Monday (the 14th).  Wonderful!  Yesterday I called to make a reservation & not only could they get us in at 8:00pm but they were also only in “soft opening” which means…50% off your entire bill.  Really?!  Yes.  Fabulous!  So last night we had dinner at Goodman’s.  And it was excellent.  The food & service.Poor quality pictures from my cell phone.


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