Shopping ahead

Or as Pete like to say “buying $h!t we don’t need”. Yet, Pete, yet. Someday we will need pots & pans and you’ll be happy I bought them on sale. Ok, ok did we need seven 4-piece steak knife sets? Probably not. But the truth there is I should have bought even more. This set of knives for $0.01. Yes, you read that correctly 1 cent a set. I paid something like $6.07 for 28 steak knives.

Free shipping. 40% off your entire purchase. $50 off your purchase of $100 or more. Combine 2 or more of these and you got me.hook.line.& sinker. I’m a sucker for a deal. I was never much of an online shopper.  I like to see & feel what I’m buying. Especially clothes. I like to try on & check quality. Impossible to do online, obviously (although this is probably the future of online shopping).  I do, do a bit of online shopping now.  Clothes for Pete.  Stuff for our one-day-home.  Things for the kids here & there.

I don’t shop in London. Too expensive. Alright, that’s not quite true. I obviously buy the necessities. Food. Cleaning supplies. Toiletries. You get the picture. But not the fun stuff. We buy almost (99%) all of our shoes & clothes when we are home. I can’t justify paying 66% more for a pair of pants just because we’re in London.just.can’


4 thoughts on “Shopping ahead

    • The knives were a lucky find @ Bloomingdales. I thought for sure it was a system error and they were going to email to say they couldn’t process the order but the knives arrived in lovely little gift boxes.

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