Home for Thanksgiving

I’m oh so happy to say that I’m coming (going?) home for Thanksgiving. Pete is too but he always was. I was thrilled when I opened my vacation tracker thingy and realized that I had enough time off to spend Thanksgiving stateside. Granted I have to work a couple of days in my old (new) office but that is peanuts, in fact I’m looking forward to catching up with the peeps that are still there (people from my “old” team are dropping like flies – not dying, just moving on to different opportunities – worldwide. Seriously, working for a huge corporation isn’t for everyone, especially coming from a start-up.  I digress…).

The last time I was in Maine for Thanksgiving was 2007.

2010: MIL & FIL came to visit 2009: Thanksgiving in RI2008: Pete & I went to Venice2007: Very memorable for me. I had to work the Saturday night before Thanksgiving (I was a waitress through college at this fab place) and got to Maine LATE (it is a 3ish hour trip from Mass). I had asked my brother to come stay at the house that night since my mom & Phil were out of town and I hate staying home alone. When I got home, it was like 2am, I heard the TV on downstairs and went down to tell Nate that I was home. And he told me that I was going to be an aunt. Surprised, yes but that emotion couldn’t even compete with the excitement I felt – actually I still feel this excitement & now it’s accompanied by a whole lotta love. Being an aunt is awesome. Four years late, I have 9 niece & nephews.


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