Reflecting on Cairo


One of the many herds of sheep on the side of the highway

Cairo was not a beautiful city.  The pyramids & sphinx were amazing.  Really breathtaking.  The rest of the city, dirty & extreme poverty.  Piles & piles of trash everywhere.  Endless trash.  Farm animals are seen all over the city.  Horses, donkeys, sheep, cows.  Everywhere.  The animals we encountered were not in great health.  Skinny & even bleeding.  Sad.  There were also packs of stray dogs & cats all over the city.  The kittens were cute but everywhere.


The picture above, although poor quality, is a glimpse into how the whole city looks.  Extreme poverty.  The most extreme poverty I have witnessed.  Kids as well as adults barefoot.  Communal watering stations (not sure if this is necessarily a sign of poverty but not something you see everyday), not a water fountain but a metal station (looking similar to an ice cream machine) or even a Gatorade-type cooler with a metal cup chained to it that passers-by stop and have a drink from.  The majority of the residential buildings didn’t have glass windows, just holes (as seen in the picture).  I wish I had visited a couple of years ago so I could compare the then and now.  I’m wonder if the city is worse now after the revolution & the drastic drop in tourism or if it was always like this.  It was clear that there was devastation due to the revolution (bombed out buildings) but what about before?


I’m happy to be home.  Extremely thankful & grateful for EVERYTHING I have.


One thought on “Reflecting on Cairo

  1. I think it’s so healthy for westerners to see developing countries. So necessary to see how good we have it and the need that is out there. That’s how I felt in E. Europe a decade ago with all of the orphans on the street. so sad.

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