Dinner Cruise on the Nile


Friday night our hotel arranged for us to go on a dinner cruise on the Nile River – The Maxim Cruise with live entertainment. Pretty swanky. I guess any dinner cruise with singers & belly dancers is swanky, haha it was pretty amusing. We got a pretty good laugh at the ladies singing American classics with Arab accents. It was nice to see the city from the river.


The evening was not without incident…When we first got on the boat Pete asked if they took credit cards. They assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, when we went to pay all four of our credit/debit cards were declined…multiple times. After 30 minutes of them trying to charge us for dinner we told them we were leaving (the whole boat had emptied at this point and they were the tables and chairs while we waited) and they could charge the hotel for dinner or come with us to the hotel…they weren’t impressed with the situation. Neither were we.

We left the boat and headed out to meet our car. They followed us. Not sure what they had to worry about, they did have Pete’s credit card. Our car was nowhere to be found. So there we were hanging out on the streets of Cairo at 11pm. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous. Pete called the hotel and gave them an earful. The man from the boat offered to drive us to the hotel. HA! Of course, we’ll just hop in your car and go to the hotel. Nope. I wouldn’t do this in the US…I’m DEFINITELY not going to do it in Cairo. They were also kind enough to suggest we walk down the street to the ATM. Sorry also not going to walk down the streets of Cairo at midnight.

We did finally make it hotel. Pete had some words with the concierge. We were so less than impressed. He promised he will speak to the owner of the Maxim and the car service people about the incident. Which he did. The next evening the owner of the Maxim showed up with this HUGE flower arrangement and his apologies for the situation. The discounted dinner by 50%. He also explained that the reason the credit card machine wasn’t working was because the US Secretary of Defense was coming on the boat on Saturday and they had cut off all communication? Interesting.


I wasn’t there when they presented the flowers but thought it was pretty funny looking through the peephole in our hotel door and seeing Pete with this enormous arrangement. The car service also comped our ride to/from the boat cruise and back to the airport.


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