Who does that?

Me apparently.

I got off the plane this morning in Dublin and my desire to not be the person that holds up the entire plane from deboarding mixed with lack of sleep got the best of me.  I grabbed someone else carry-on.  Whipped through customs & security.  While waiting in the taxi queue I went to get my iPhone out of my bag and realized I had the wrong bag.  This bad looked nothing like my bag, well besides the color.  If was so obviously not my bag that I thought it might belong to the person waiting next to me.  Nope.  Unbelievable.

The Air France people stared at me in disbelief before they called the gate agent (please tell me I’m not the first person ever to do this…can’t be).  The man who came to retrieve his bag was forgiving.  I had to wait for the crew to get the plane boarded and sent back to London before they came out with my bag.

Can’t wait for the man to open his bag and find my pink travel pillow in there…


One thought on “Who does that?

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