Fall is here!

I love me some fall weather.  Boots, scarfs, pumpkins, foliage.  Love it all.  And it has arrived!  Chilly nights & pumpkin spice lattes in the morning.  NOT, this ingenious idea hasn’t hit the London market.  Disappointing really.

I plan on doing some fall inspired baking this weekend.  My cupboards are full stocked with Libby’s (thank you Whole Foods for carrying canned pumpkin, it’s very hard to find in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving).

Pete surprised us both when he loved the pumpkin bread I started making last fall.  I want to try out these cookies, hold the pecans & add some dairy free chocolate and I’m sure they will be a hit in my household.  It’s probably for the best that Pete doesn’t like pumpkin pie.  This means I don’t make it AT ALL and therefore don’t eat the WHOLE thing myself.

I wish I had a crowd to cook for.  I would love to have a fall themed brunch.


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