Tales of a nicked bike(s)

East London sure has lived up to it’s reputation this week.  Tuesday my bike was vandalized when I was parked outside ASDA (bike shop said it looked like someone tried to steal the tire).  It took several hours and much sweat on Saturday for us to get it fixed; my tire had to be completely rebuilt, whatever that entails.

Sunday Pete and I rode to Stratford and our bikes were stolen (remember he just got his bike last week).  Double chained.  Brood daylight.  Crowds of people.  Fabulous, NOT.  Thankfully I had taken my £1.99 water bottle with or that would have been taken too.

On the bright side, yup there is a bright side, while we were walking to the police station to report the incident Pete stole his bike back.  Obviously it’s not possible to steal your own bike.  BUT Pete saw a guy walking his bike and went in for the kill (with words only of course; we’re the type that bin our blades, or would if we ever had any).  It went down something like this:

Pete: Where did you get that bike?
**Pete is using a very angry & authoritative voice**
Suspect: It’s mine bike.
Pete: Where did you get it?  That’s my bike that was just stolen.
Suspect: It’s my bike.  I just bought it.
Pete: It’s my bike.  It was just stolen.  I recognize that scratch.
**Pete points to the scratch.  People on the street are stopping to stare.**
Suspect: I just bought it from my friend.
Pete: It’s my bike.  Where is her bike? I recognize that scratch and the plastic on pedal.  Bring me to your friend.
**Man hands Pete back the bike. Suspect is scared. Men on the street are giving Pete thumbs up for getting his bike back**
Suspect: I’ll bring you to my friend.
Pete: Ya, you will.  Let’s go.

Good news.  One bike repossessed with no visable damage.  We follow the suspect (convict at this point?) who is supposedly leading us to his “friend”.  Not going to lie, I’m getting a little concerned at this point as to where this man is leading us (did I mention he looked a bit homeless?) and, more importantly, what kind of hoodlums is he leading us to.  Thankfully, when it got to be a bit shady Pete saw a couple of cops and flagged them down.  Unfortunately, the convict took this chance to run.  He escaped.

Long story made a little less long, hours later we had filed a report at the police station.  Police lady asked us why in the world we were hanging out in Stratford and recommended we never come back, at that point the recommendation was not needed.  (NOTE TO OLYMPIC GOERS: Don’t ride your bike to any events.  It will be stolen.  Yes, our bikes were parked a stones throw from Olympic Park.)  She also told us that there was a chance my bike could be recovered.  How?  Because they profile people in Stratford and if anyone was riding my bike “that looked like they shouldn’t be” they would be stopped and questioned (I believe they use a combination of racial & economic profiling).  Apparently they had caught another thief on the loose this way earlier in the day.

I haven’t broke the good news to Pete yet that I made these signs to post around Stratford this weekend.  Hahaha, JK.  As I previously stated we will not be returning to Stratford, unless of course we get tickets to the Men’s 50 meter finals…

And I thought the worst part of my day was going to be the spill I took on the dual carriageway…Farewell to the nicest bike I will probably ever own.  It was a pleasure riding you all four times.


4 thoughts on “Tales of a nicked bike(s)

  1. Hats off to Pete for getting his bike back. I have been a victim as well – bike stolen from secure private underground parking! I bought insurance to go with my second bike now…

    • We will definitely be buying insurance if/when I decide to replace my bike. I can’t believe that your bike was stolen from private underground parking lot! That is WAY worse!!

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