A Day in the Life of me & my Husband: September 24, 2011

Up and Adam (HA I just googled this it turns out the saying is “up and AT THEM (at ‘em)” which makes WAY more sense; don’t mind that I’ve been saying “up and Adam” for my entire speaking life, really they sounds the EXACTLY the same – go ahead say them out loud to yourself) for me at 8:30ish. Bowl of cereal and book (The Other Boleyn Girl – yes, I saw the movie first but the book is still excellent; I love historical fiction) while trying hard to be quiet while Pete sleeps (you know how hard this can be if you too live in a small apartment).

Pete wakes up and calls the house phone to tell me he’s up. Really, is this necessary? I think not. Pete gets up and announces that we should go to the new mall in East London so he can buy a new pair of shoes which he has needed for a couple of months now (yes we are cheap and HATE to purchase such things in London). We get ready and head to the mall. It is PACKED because it has only been open for 2ish weeks and everybody and their brother wants to check it out. Some stores have waiting lines. Madhouse. After perusing the entire mall we find a suitable (in the sense it only has to last until Pete is home for Thanksgiving and can go nuts at Wrentham; literally we usually stock up on dress shoes at the outlets, he goes though LOTS of dress shoes) pair of shoes to buy.

We had our eyes on TGI Fridays (are we American or what?) for lunch but the wait there and at every other place in the mall was 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Too hungry for that. We did swing in the bowling alley (also in the mall) since we wanted to bowl but the wait there was also ridiculous. We settled for a pub lunch at The Cow (a few weeks ago when we were out in the west London mall we went to The Bull, The Cow’s sister restaurant). Good food, good company, free customer Wi-Fi which allowed me to find a bowling alley in Canada Water. Perfect.

Off to Canada Water to bowl. But first, I had to snap a few pictures of the London 2012 Olympic park. It is a little crazy to think that the Olympics will be so close to where we live (4 tube stops to be exact). I’m thinking I might be able to watch the fireworks, etc. from our rooftop terrace. Maybe if I get some binocs I’ll be able to see some events. The bowling alley is a short walk from the tube station however we didn’t know exactly where it was. As soon as we saw the Pizza Hut we knew we must be close (is it just me or is there a Pizza Hut near every bowling alley?). The bowling alley was typical of a bowling alley on a Saturday afternoon AKA lots of crazy kids running around.

We had fun. After my amazing first game win (I think we both barely broke 100), Pete beat me in the next two games. Pete had to play his favorite arcade game before we left. And of course, we had to have a final competition with the basketball shooting game. I lost that too. Not my day for winning.

On a semi-whim we stopped at the Decathlon on the way home and bought Pete a bike. I say semi-whim because we weren’t planning on getting him a bike at that moment in time but we’d been talking about getting him a bike for a LONG time (mostly I’ve been talking about it since I bought a bike last summer that I haven’t ridden at ALL and wanted him to get one so we could go bike riding). Bike bought, check. Helmet bought, check. Pete ringing the bell at every person we walk/bike by, check.

Walking back to the tube station, a group of people asked us for directions. Not usually my strong suit but they were looking for an area very close to where we live. We gave them directions, they thanked us and laughed that “of course they would stop and ask the Americans for directions”. We continue into the tube station with Pete’s newly purchased bike. When we reach the platform we notice everyone is staring at us and then hear the message from the loud speakers “I repeat to the gentleman on the platform with a bike, there are no bikes allowed on the Jubilee line”. Ha, I just about peed my pants laughing at the thought of Pete biking home. I, of course, wished him luck and hopped on the next train.

I got home WAY before Pete but realized I didn’t have my keys (who is laughing now?). Fortunately, the concierge has a spare set. He got a little kick out of Pete getting the boot from the tube station and having to ride home. I started to get a little worried since it was getting to be dusk and Pete wasn’t answering his phone. I was pacing about the flat, thinking he surely got hit by a bus. BUT he made it home. And we both got a laugh out of the situation.

Home. Dinner/Mad Men. Bed.


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