Mom Visits! The End is Near…

On Sunday (and I have to admit I may have got Saturday and Sunday’s activities mixed up, that is what I get for not writing it down immediately – yup I’m pretty confident that what I said we did Saturday was really on Sunday, so although this says Sunday, it’s really Saturday; you get it, right?) we went to the Wool Modern Exhibition. A slight detour on the way there (ok, ok I might have been slightly lost) led us to Jermyn Street where they were having a “British Made” event of sorts. Jermyn Street is known for bespoke tailoring and shoes. I didn’t realize that many of the products these stores sell are actually made in London or at least somewhere in England. They had tailors and cobblers on the street demonstrating how the shoes and shirts/ties/suits were made. Really incredible. We spoke with one lady making shoes. She was explaining how to tell the difference between alligator and crocodile. A bespoke pair of shoes will run you about £2,500. Not bad right? Mom had an oyster at one of featured restaurants, apparently Maine oyster are much better than British oysters.

A friendly police officer helped us find the Wool Modern Exhibition (in my defense it was kind of hidden in a back alley). We had the place all to ourselves which kind of surprised me, after all the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall did OPEN the exhibition just a few nights earlier. It’s always interesting to see how creative people can be. There were a few pieces that I really loved and would love to have in my wardrobe, although Alexander McQueen dresses aren’t in my budget. A girl can dream!

Pete met us back at Jermyn Street when we were done with the exhibition. We went back down the street for fun and caught a demonstration on how to polish your shoes (believe it or not, this was interesting and informative) and picked up some free samples, food and drink that is. I’m very glad that we stumbled across this event. I found the whole thing very inspiring. Really, you should have seen the lady whipping up handmade ties. Very impressive.

And we continued toward our destination, The Mayor’s Thames Festival. Stopping on the way to take pictures with some very famous lions (supposedly the most photographed lions in the world). We made it to the festival and fought our way through the crowds to look at the different stalls. The festival seems to be sponsored by Spitalfield’s Market, so many of the vendors from the market were at the festival. We grabbed some lunch and awaited the parade on the river. From where we were sitting we could see all the little kids having the time of their life playing in the water fountain, very cute. The highly anticipated parade was a bit of a letdown but it’s not too often you see a parade on the Thames River so I’m glad we went.

By the end of the parade, our feet were tired from a week of walking around so we headed home, stopping on the way at Waitrose to pick up stuff for dinner. Pete made us Korean BBQ chicken which was excellent. And of course we had butternut squash because at the moment I’m obsessed. At Pete’s request I also made an apple pie but forgot the vanilla ice cream (OK that is a lie, I don’t buy ice cream to keep in the house because I just eat it ALL in like 1 day, not good for the thighs).

Early Monday morning Mom and I were up and heading to Paddington Station. I sent her on her way to Heathrow from there. Overall it was a great trip. As with all of our visitor, I’m so glad she came.


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