Mom Visits! Saturday

Rain, rain go away…it was supposed to rain on Saturday (pretty sure “chance of showers” is permanently stamped on the weather report here) so after waking up LATE (we sleep in on Saturdays) and having breakfast we decided to go back to the V&A museum and to see the exhibit “Power of Making”. The exhibit was excellent! Small but very interesting.  My kind of museum experience.

After the museum we met up with Pete (he decided to skip the museum) and walked around South Ken trying to find somewhere to have lunch.  It was another beautiful day and the area was packed.  I suggested that we go to this Indian restaurant that is across the street from where Pete used to live (before I moved to London).  We have been there many times over the past few years and the food is always delicious and why not bring my mom for Indian food when she was in London (London is after all known to have great Indian food).

We arrived at about 2:30pm and the first words out of the waiters mouth were “Do you know what you want?  The kitchen is closing in a few minutes.”  Yikes.  This should have been a red flag to us.  With the pressure on we ordered quickly (always hard for me in an Indian restaurant since I have no idea what I’m ordering).  Our food came, along with the cook.  The three people working there (cook, waiter & owner?) sat and stared at us as we ate.  Literally, they were just staring at us.  Talk about uncomfortable.  Pete gave them a piece of his mind on our way out, after I casually said “Sorry to keep you guys” on our way out.  Ha.  I guess we’ll have to find a new favorite Indian restaurant.

I introduced my mom to Yoo Moo on our way home.  Fortunately, it’s a little out of the way home…otherwise I’d probably go everyday (kind of reminds me of childhood family dinners at Bonanza’s buffet…in a good way).

We had a low-key evening at home.  Mom and I enjoyed a Crabbie’s on our roof terrace.  It was a bit chilly but it’s a nice, relaxing space.  Sad but true, no pictures today.


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