Dublin Day 2

As previously stated, the reason we went to Dublin was because I had a work “team retreat” of sorts.  Thursday morning I left early to meet the my new team and head to the office.  From the office we took a bus to this cooperate event/wedding/vacation place Avon Ri.  After a 2.5 hour meeting on FY11 performance and what was expected in FY12 we were given a pretty pathetic lunch then split into teams.

The afternoon consisted of archery, canoeing, sailing, and rock climbing.  The majority of our team was not athletic.  Enough said.  I did set the record for climbing the rock wall fastest blind folded, kind of amusing to do, even funnier to watch.  When the activities were complete we all met back at the bar (there was about 50 people there from Ireland, UK, France & Germany) to network and socialize.  I was actually quite surprised they had an open bar considering this was on the front page of the evening standard just days before.  A BBQ dinner was served for dinner.

In the morning we ate breakfast and head back to Dublin.  I spent a few minutes in the office then headed to meet up with Mom where she gave me (us) a beautiful gift for our first anniversary – Waterford Crystal wine glasses, a special edition only available to be purchased in Dublin.  We grabbed a quick lunch and took some pictures of doors before heading to the airport.

We arrived in London and were back at the flat in 15 minutes (have I mentioned how much I love City airport, SO convenient from where we live).  Pete came home early and brought us to one of our favorite local restaruants for dinner, Hazev.


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