Mom Visits! Tuesday

Pete has been saying for some time now that he wants to go see the Duchess of Cambridge’s (aka Kate Middleton) wedding dress (he may or may not have been joking, I’ll let you take a guess). Unfortunately for him, he had to work on Tuesday when we went to on the Buckingham Palace tour.  And since we were already there we watched the changing of the guards before our tour.  I hadn’t been inside the palace before and really enjoyed the tour, no joke. And if you thought the dress looked good on TV you should see it in person. It’s way more intricately designed than I could ever had imagined. Gorgeous. The state rooms at the palace are equally as impressive. So is the “garden” (although my dad would have been less than impressed with the lawn mowing job). The place is much less stuffy than I thought it would be. I thought of my great-aunt Adreth often during this tour. I know she would have absolutely loved it. During the visit we did not get to meet the queen; she also has not made me her Facebook friend.

Something unfortunate happened on Tuesday afternoon…I had to go into work for a few hours. Not just go into work that would have been easy from Buckingham Palace (remember I work 5 minutes away!?). I had to go home, get my laptop, THEN go to work. Woof. It was misting/raining so I felt a little better about abandoning my mom at home for the afternoon.

Tuesday night we ate dinner at home and packed for our trip to DUBLIN!


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