I hope you take your coffee black

Because in the Oslo office you won’t find milk or cream. Lots of black coffee for me. I found myself wishing that it was at least flavored, that has got to help take away the bite. Needless to say I’m glad to be back home where I can enjoy a white Americano.

I was only there for a couple of days but from what I saw Norway must be a beautiful country, it actually reminded me of Maine. Maybe Boston. Oslo is not a big city. But it is expensive. Very expensive. A hotdog with no toppings from 7-Eleven, 29 NOK – roughly $5 (I didn’t actually stop at 7-Eleven to have a hotdog, I just saw the sign). A value meal at BK, $15-$20. And I thought London was expensive!! At least I can get an ice cream cone at McD’s for 49p. Expensive yes but at least the food was good. Tuesday night I had monk fish, one of the best fish dishes I’ve had for a LONG time.

Several windows were blown out of the office as a result of the July bomb attack. The area is still being reconstructed. Some interesting facts about Norway: max jail sentence, regardless of your crime (terrorism excluded), is 21 years. If the crime is ruled an act of terrorism, the sentence can jump to 30 years. It was also confirmed by the Norwegians I was with that jail life if kinda cushy. TVs in every cell. Sometimes even computers.

Another fact: there is a 0% tolerance for drinking and driving. Offending results in two-year license suspension and a fine based on your salary/net worth (whether it was salary or net worth a debate among the Norwegians I was dining with). Interesting.

Lastly the unemployment rate in Norway was 2.8% in July 2011, compared to 9.1% in the US. Crazy low. It’s said that the natural rate of unemployment is about 4%.

Those are my fun facts about Norway. I didn’t anytime to explore the country but do home to return to do just that at some point in the future.


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