Mom Visits! Monday

Monday it was off to visit the Tower of London. Over the past few months I’ve read a couple books about the Tudor Age (think Queen Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn, etc.) which made visiting the tower a little more interesting this time around. We also went on a guided tour with a beefeater. I highly recommend doing this if you visit the tour. The audio tour is good too but it does get a little boring. The beefeater was engaging. Interesting fact: the beefeaters that you see at the Tower actually live in the tower with their families. To become a beefeater you must have served something like 20 years in the military with an exemplary record. Another interesting fact, if you live in the tower you can use the chapel there. The beefeater that guided our tour was walking his daughter down the aisle in December. She will be saying her vows standing over Anne Boleyn’s grave. Pretty cool to be able to say, “oh I got married at the tower of London”, although I don’t think it competes with Maine.

Did I mention we had another gorgeous day Monday? It was beautiful. After the tower we sought out to find the London Fashion Museum. Yes, I’m terrible with directions but we did find the museum. Unlucky for us it was closed on Monday’s.

We had some time to kill (we were meeting Mom’s cousin at 6 in Mayfair). Our feet were getting a bit tired but instead of resting we headed to Soho and I got to show Mom some of my favorite sewing shops. Always fun. She was rather impressed with this place in particular. They do have great stuff. I swear I’ve seen famous designers in there (Ok, Ok so I probably couldn’t pick most, if any famous designers out of a crowd but these people looked famous, I could feel it).

Background story: Last summer my mom got an email from a long lost cousin. He had stayed with my grandparents for a little bit when he was in his early 20’s (he now has kids my age and older). I believe that he’s my grandfather’s, mother’s (Annie), brother’s grandson. I think. He visited Maine last summer with his son and had a lovely time catching up with my grampy Byron, Mom, and Aunt Adreth. SO since he lives outside of London and his son’s live in London we wanted to meet up with them when Mom was here. We just grabbed coffee and chatted for about an hour. It was kind of like we knew them forever, ever meet people like that? I’m hoping to visit them “out in the country” with Pete in the near future. Very nice people.

After the cousin’s visit we went to The City to have dinner with Pete at his favorite spot….Cafe Rouge. Don’t go there if slow service and rude wait staff bother you, can you tell I’m a HUGE fan of the place? They were on top of their game though and we had a nice dinner. Home to bed for us!


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