Mom Visits! Weekend #1

Ah! Where do I begin?! Right, Mom’s visit. One word: fabulous. We, well I can’t speak for her but I had a fabulous time. The only problem is the time goes by too fast. She arrived on Friday, September 2nd and left Monday. Time flew by when she was here and it already seems like it was forever ago that she was here (it might be four days back in the office with a very sick computer that is making time drag but whatev). We were busy…

She arrived early, early Friday morning (and had a little trouble at the airport locating the driver, as have all of our visitors). I let (encouraged her) to sleep for a few hours even though she claims that the flight was the best she’s ever been on, apparently domestic and international flights are different? Hmm…it’s been a while since I’ve flown “long-haul” domestically but I do greatly appreciate the meals, entertainment and, of course, free wine (last two aforementioned not applicable to AA flights, boo. Note to readers when you come visit try to fly British or Delta.)

Friday afternoon we went to tea, that’s the thing to do in London right? Yes! But I was motivated by a Groupon I spied just a few days before she arrived. Score. We drank ourselves silly with tea while enjoying the London landscape. Did I mention she brought some of the best weather we have had ALL summer with her? No joke it was warmer here when she was visiting that it has been since late May/early June. Gorgeous. Of course I dressed like a snowman (wait, not sure that is a good comparison since snowmen typically only wear a scarf? Maybe some boots) prepared for the cold and managed to start sweating almost immediately. It’s not a secret, I overheat easily.

It didn’t take much to convince my mom we should make our way over to Shepherd’s Bush (Goldhawk Road) after tea. It’s definitely worth a visit if you at all interested in sewing/textiles as it’s the bargain basement for fabric & haberdashery in London. Of course we both managed to find SOMETHING good. We were planning on hanging around so we could meet Pete near his office for dinner but we were both hot (note to self: don’t wear a wool jacket when it’s 80) and a bit tired so we made our way back to the wharf. Pete called to say he couldn’t make it home for dinner anyway. Super foods salads for dinner (are these everywhere in the US too?).

Wow and that was just Friday…

Saturday morning we decided to check out a vintage market I saw advertised on Emerald Street. When you got past the initial stench of stale beer (it was in the backroom and the upstairs of a bar – is this sounding more and more sketchy?), it was nice. Small but they had some interesting stuffs. Vogue patterns circa 1950 anyone? I picked up a necklace which I’ll be sure to share when I wear it.

Post market we ventured to Buckingham Palace(did I mention my new office is right down the street from the palace? Yup, 5 minute walk) and from there caught the “hop-on, hop-off” London tour bus. We zipped around the city and saw the major sites. I’ve taken the bus tour at least 4 times now and always manage to learn something new.  The ticket includes a boat tour.  It was nice day for a boat ride so we went for it.  Our guide thought he was a comedian and continued to make terrible jokes throughout the trip.  Then desparately tried to get everyone to tip him.  Nope, not me.  Okay, maybe I’m mean.  Oh well.  Back to the bus.  We got on a route that stopped at literally every bus stop in central London.  We hopped-off for good at Oxford Street and head home.

Lucky for us Pete was able to grace us with his presence for dinner and he brought us to Roka, love this place. The restaurant was full so we had to sit on the Terrance which I was extremely happy about. Never been up there before but it was glorious (minus the occasional whiff of smoke that wafted our way); think outdoor rooms at their very finest. We even splurged and had dessert. A+ presentation. Pete licked the ice clean, don’t judge we were the only ones up there.

Sunday we hitched a ride to Spitalfield’s Market in Pete’s cab (well the cab he gets to take when he has to work on weekends – the cab driver was SO nice) and spent the morning combing the market. It was more like, “look, I could make this” “hey, you could make that”. Great inspiration.

Since it treatening rain we decided to go to the V&A museum.  It’s great that most of the musuems in London are free.  It takes away the pressure of feeling like you have to stay all day to get your moneys worth.  We had dinner at home and prepared for our next day’s adventure….


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