Getting my heat fix

It’s official, I’ve now heard from everyone and their brother how glorious the weather is on the east cost of the great US of A.  Some have even dared to say it’s too hot.  I’m patiently waiting for the heat wave to cross the Atlantic and visit me here in London.  The weather here has been lousy (although I dare say that the sun is shining today).  High 50’s/low 60’s and rain, rain, rain.  Not the London mist that I have grown accustom to.  We’re talking buckets of rain.  Cats and dogs.

I am managing to get my heat fix thanks to Canary Wharf’s Bikram yoga studio.  It’s definitely not a day at the beach (though there are people scantily clad lying on towels) but I guess I’ll take what I can get.  I’m really starting to notice an increase in my flexibility and balance.  Seems the eight plus months of on-again/off-again yoga is paying off.  I’ve ALMOST mastered this pose – really makes one minute seem like a long time.  But my Standing Bow and Back Bend definitely don’t look like this or this.  And that is why they call it “yoga practice, not yoga perfect”.  HA!  Now I’m sounding like the instructors.


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