Picnic in the Park

Friday night Pete and I took advantage of a rain-free evening and headed to Canada Square for a picnic. Throughout the summer Canary Wharf has a series of free concerts and events so we (I, to be a bit more accurate) decided to check it out.  Picnic and concert in the park, sounds nice, right?  We had a nice time but the band was not really our cup of tea.  We had a good laugh though.  Yes, I am wearing a wool jacket and scarf in the picture.  It has not been warm in our neck of the woods. Or sunny for that matter.  Saturday and Sunday it poured on and off ALL day and night.  Boo.

In other news the German Olympic team will officially be camped out in Canary Wharf next summer; they will pretty much be our neighbors.  Funny thing is they will be living on a cruise ship.  Yup, Friday morning a HUGE Deutlsheland cruise ship was docked in Canary Wharf; looked a bit out of place in the little canal.  It must have been funny for the people living in the surrounding flats to wake up and realize that the people on the boat could look in their 5th floor windows.  Pete managed to find the bellhop that was working
for the ship and asked him for the dets.  He proudly informed us that this very ship would be the home stomping ground for the German Olympic team.  Talk about arriving in style!  Hopefully no one gets seasick!

Fun picture from our little adventure last weekend.


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