Garden in the Sky(scraper)

My little balcony garden seems to be flourishing!  (Well with the exception of that wilty basil plant, bought it on sale like this though in hopes that I could nurse it back
to health.)  It was touch and go for a bit…no water for 10 days does a number to seedlings.  The strawberries plants never recovered and were retired to the garbage shoot.  At
some point I’m  hoping to have cherry tomatoes, regular size tomatoes (sure there is a proper name for the tomatoes I planted but it never registered), cucumbers, & peppers.  It’s going to be quite the harvest if all my plants produce.  Remember where I started

I have also ‘installed’ my Topsy-Turvy (thanks Dad & Shanie!).  The installation itself was a bit hairy (scaling the side of a wall on the sixth floor is a little sketchy even when you are on your balcony), fortunately I’m not afraid of heights.  It’s  hanging quite low because we
have been experiencing hurricane force winds here and I’m was afraid that any future tomatoes might blow away (check out that hot pink Power Line twine – made and manufactured on US soil by my big brother).  We already receive calls from the concierge asking us not to throw our cigarette butts off the balcony (which is especially funny because we don’t smoke); I can just imagine what our neighbors would say if they thought we were throwing tomatoes at them.  Actually, it might be kind of funny.

In other news, life in London has been treating us well.  The weather has been beautiful…in between the rain storms.  Last weekend Pete and I participated in a 15K walk that brought us through Hyde, Green, and St James Parks.  It was really a lovely way to spend our Saturday morning/afternoon.

We are hoping to get away for the 4th of July…Oh wait, the Brits don’t celebrate America’s Independence Day and we DON’T get it off.  Unfortunate really, I could really use a holiday.  We are hoping to plan some weekend trips around the UK and Europe, which reminds me I need to start putting those on the calendar.

Lastly, I’m excited that the Zac Brown Band’s international tour has stopped in London.  Can’t wait for that concert TONIGHT!  I need some country
music in my life.


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