Summer Palace Part 1

Today we visited the Summer Palace.  Perfect weather for spending the day outside; air quality was excellent too, making the visibility great.  I guess the culture here is to dress for winter even when the weather is warm.  Today it was probably 75-80 degrees and people were wearing winter coats and gloves/mittens.  They were staring at me because I was wearing shorts and a tank top.  In London we carry umbrellas at all times to shield ourselves from the rain…in China they carry umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun.

With all the little kids around the palace we couldn’t help but notice the “split pants”.  Babies in China are potty trainer from a very early age…two weeks.  They never have to wear diapers.  The mother or grandmother (who is the primary care giver in many families) whistles and the infant goes to the bathroom on command.  Unbelievable.  So infant and toddlers have “split pants” which essentially an open seam in the crouch area.  Because of the split pants you manage to see a lot of little bums.

We also couldn’t help (wish we could have) but notice the culture here of spitting and blowing your nose onto the ground.  Nasty.  Literally you need to watch out or you might get spit on. 

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