Xin Yang Fashion Market…last day in Shanghai

We had a relaxing last day in Shanghai.  After our massage this morning we headed to the Xin Yang Fashion Market.  It’s a HUGE market that sells everything imaginable.  A large section of the market is dedicated to custom-made clothing.  Of course, we didn’t have time to have anything made but we might try to get Pete a suit custom-made in Beijing.  I was hoping to find fabric for sale but it’s all for custom clothing.

The vendors in the market were quite aggressive but friendly at the same time.  It’s funny because you go into the shops and they ask you want you want – Chanel bag for example which seems to be very popular for knockoffs – then they say “oh we have a secret back room where we keep the good stuff.”  They, obviously, saw us coming a mile away.  It was fun though…I, as you probably already know if you read my blog, love markets.

We left the market and headed back to the hotel were we got lunch and were able to use a bathroom with a standing toilet.  I looked into the bathroom at the market but decided to wait when I saw the toilet was a porcelain hole in the ground. 

The weather was gorgeous today!  Warm and relatively sunny…have I mentioned the smog here?  It’s like a constant fog.

For dinner we had Japanese food at a restaurant near the hotel.  Very good!  We’re heading to Beijing in the morning!  Can’t wait!  I guess I better get us packed!

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