Easter Sunday

Yesterday Pete and I took the “One Day Wonderful Shanghai” tour.  The bus picked us up at our hotel at 9:30am and we spent the day going to the “Shanghai must see spots”.  It was a good way to get around the city and to hit all the spots but our tour guide hated her life and wasn’t very into the tour.  We did have fun though and met some fellow American’s on the tour.

My favorite spot was the Yu Garden.  Yu in Chinese (if I’m remembering correctly) means to please one’s parents.  The gardens in Shanghai are built for a single family to enjoy whereas the gardens in Beijing are much bigger and were built for an empire or empress. 

We also stopped at the Shanghai Urban Planning Center.  It was interesting to see a small scale of the city.  Shanghai is the most populas city in China – the population is 20 million people and the majority of the population are locals. 

We also stopped at the Jade Buddha Temple, named for the two buddha statues in the temple made of solid white jade.  The tour guide states several times that, while most Chinese people are Buddhist, they are now free to practice the religion of choice.  However, this was in the New York Times yesterday.

Last night we headed back to the French Concession (a stop on our tour) for dinner.  It proved to be a night hotspot.  We had a lovely Easter dinner and stopped at Coldstone for dessert – go figure the first time I ever make it to a Coldstone Creamery it’s in China…a bit ironic. 

Today’s plan is going to out for a little more exploring.  We’re heading to the markets which I’ve VERY excited for!  I just got back from a traditional Chinese massage and yes, it is painful but wonderful at the same time.  I even asked the massuses to go easy on me…I can’t imagine what it would have been like if he didn’t.  Pete is getting his massage now.

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