A very few photos from today

We made it!  We arrived at the hotel at 10:00am this morning, fortunately our room was ready as neither of us got much sleep on the plane.  The timing was a bit off for optimal sleep; we left London at 1:50pm and arrived at around 12:30am London time – which is an early night for Pete and only a bit late for me.

We took the Maglev train from the airport which is supposedly the fastest train in the world; top speed is 430 km/hour (268 miles/hour if you are metric incompetent like myself).  We took a sketchy cab that charged us twice as much as they should have from the train station to the airport but we made it in one piece and that is the important part.

We arrived at the hotel just in time to eat at the breakfast buffet before it closed, easily the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen. 🙂  After sleeping for several hours we took a walk around the hotel which is very similar to London High Street – tons of high-end shopping and it’s not cheap!

Tomorrow we plan to take a tour of Shanghai and, if we have time, an off the beaten path tour as well.  I’m super excited to see the city!

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