The Smell of Summer

It’s been absolutely beautiful here for almost a full week now!  I mean 65-70 and sunny!  I’m loving it!!  Inspired by the nice weather, Pete and I set off this weekend to find a BBQ for our flat.  We came home on Saturday empty-handed but our luck on Sunday was much better.  We found a small butane camping BBQ.  It’s perfect for our very small terrace. 

Sunday evening we had our very first American-style BBQ in London!  And it was delicious!!  I’m sure our whole building was hit with the smell of BBQ – mmmmmmmmm.

Pete and I are getting very excited for our upcoming trip to China – one week from Friday!!  It seems that many Londoners are fleeing the city for the Royal Wedding.  Public transportation is going to be such a mess.  I really have my doubts about the public transportation here being able to handle the Olympics next summer….should be interesting.

What else has been going on?  Well I’m still sewing up a storm – check out my other blog Only a Stitch Away.  I’m getting ready to have a stall at Spitalfield’s Market in May (hopefully) so have been putting all my spare time into building up my stock and labeling/sizing everything I’ve already made.  As you’ve probably noticed my blog has suffered from me pouring all my free time into sewing. 🙂


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