Random Acts of Kindness

Every day I encounter 100s of people; some days maybe even 1000s.  Living in the city I always find myself surrounded by people – on the streets, in the tube station, on the train.  I do not have conversations with these people.  They are not my friends or my acquaintances.  It’s quite possible that I may never see them again in my life. However, it’s individuals in these crowds that make my day…almost every day (I know it would be everyday if I was more observative).

I came to London thinking that everyone would be unfriendly and in a rush which, for the most part, they are on the surface.  But take a deeper look.  You will see individuals (men and women alike) offering (sometimes just doing) to carry people’s bags up flights of stairs.  Strangers are grabbing the front end of buggies (US English translation: strollers) and walking up or down the stairs with them.  People are chasing after others who have dropped something or left something on the tube.  Rows of people are getting up to offer their seat to pregnant women or elderly folks.  Watch and you too will see.

These people are carrying out these random acts of kindness as part of their everyday life.  They take seconds out of their day and go out of their way to make someone else’s life just a little bit easier or better.  They are expecting nothing in return.  These are just good people.  We hear so much about all the terrible, devastating things humans to each other every day.  I’m so thankful that every day I’m able to witness the good that’s out there too.  These acts truly make my day.

If you’re one of these people, thank you!  Keep it up!  Whether you realize it or not, you are making a difference!


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