Zürich Sunday Diary and Pictures

Sunday morning we (I should say I tried to be quite while Pete) slept in a little bit (with Pete’s job it’s very important for him to be able to catch up on sleep whenever he can; I guess it comes with the territory when you work 80+ hours a week).  I was working on diaper bag.  It was great that in the hotel room they had US and UK outlets built into the desk – no adapters required.  I haven’t seen this before but thought it was a great feature.

When we were ready to go we decided to ask at the front desk where we could get bikes.  I read that Zürich has a great bike program for tourists and was interested to see how it worked.  I can happily report that it was easy as can be and, best of all, it was FREE!  We had to put down a €20 deposit but it was returned when we brought the bikes back damage free.

We spend a couple of hours riding on the bike paths around Lake Zürich.  It was great way to spend the morning/early afternoon, especially since most of the city shuts down on Sunday.  When it was time to think about heading to the airport and grabbing our luggage from the hotel, we returned the bikes.  Pete bought me a Raclette (not sure if this is what it’s actually called but it was melted Raclette, swiss cheese on toasted bread) which was delicious.  It seems that I accidentally deleted the picture of me enjoying this treat.  He also bought me a swiss chocolate when we were at the airport!

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Zürich!  My only complaint about Zürich is that it’s a very expensive city!  The CHF is almost 1:1 with the US dollar.  To put it perspective, Pete bought a plain burger and fries from the McDonald’s at the airport and it was around 9 CHF.  The value meals at McDonald’s are around 14 CHF and instead of a Dollar Menu they have a 5 CHF Menu.  We had a great time though!  If we ever head back to Switzerland for a weekend escape, I hope we can do some hiking or skiing in the Alps!


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