Zürich Saturday Diary and Pictures

Pete arrived in Zürich late on Friday night (funny thing is he will be making almost the same trip this week for business).  I was sleeping when he arrived (I do think it’s a bit odd that he only had to give my name and show his passport to get a room key…).  Saturday morning we woke up, got ready (it was gorgeous out, probably 60°F), and went downstairs to catch the hotel bus to city centre.  Unfortunately, the bus was full so we had to walk to the train station to catch a train and 1/2 hour later we were arriving at our new hotel (Pete booked us a hotel in the city; for work I was staying closer to the airport).  We were able to check in and then head out to explore.  I immediately fell for the city.  We walked up and down the side streets of Old Town, checking out the shops, cafés, and restaurants.

We made our way to the waterfront to check out the Zürich Lake boat schedule.  The waterfront was lovely.  There seems to be a bike/walking path that circles the lake.  Families were out and about enjoying the warm weather.  Many people had packed picnics and were enjoying the sunshine in the small parks along the waterfront.  We decided to come back for the 5:30pm boat cruise.

We headed back to Old Town for a late lunch.  After lunch Pete suggested we go back to the hotel to grab our coats for the cruise.  We ended up taking a little nap at the hotel (Pete had pulled an all-nighter at work on Thursday night and it was catching up with him). 

The boat cruise was wonderful, can you tell I really loved this city? It’s about 1 and 1/2 hours long.  It was a bit hazy but we were still able to see the snow-covered Alps in the distance – beautiful!  The weather was even nice enough that we were able to stay on the boat deck for the entire cruise (ok, it did get a little cold toward the end of the cruise when it was getting dark but I convinced Pete to stay out).

After the cruise we headed back to this hotel/bar we had passed earlier for a glass of wine and a beer.  We didn’t realize that the outdoor seating that we wanted to sit in was the smoking area but lucky for us we were the only ones out there.  I didn’t get a picture but the place was very cute and cozy – wooden furniture with sheepskin throws and fleece blankets to cover your legs with.

From there we headed to grab dinner and then back to the hotel.  Zürich is well-known for its nightlife, specifically the clubs.  Pete and I aren’t really ones for the club scene.  Have you ever seen us dance?  Not too pretty. 

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