Not again…

I don’t know what my deal is lately but I had incident today similar to yesterday’s, although not quite as stressful.  Before heading out to catch a cab from the office where my training is being held to the hotel I went online to get the hotel address – from the hotel website and not from my reservation confirmation email.  I hope in the cab, hand the driver the slip of paper with the hotel address and sit back and enjoy the ride.  Fifteen minutes later we are pulling up to a Holiday Inn that DEFINITELY was not the hotel I was staying at. 

Awesome.  I wrote down the address to the Holiday Inn and not the Holiday Inn Express (AH!).  The cab driver was furious and didn’t believe me that it wasn’t my hotel.  Even after we left he pulled over to show me the street sign that was the address I gave him.  Really buddy, I know I made a mistake please don’t rub my nose in it.  And by the way, you are charging for the additional time in the cab, really you should be thanking me for having you drive me around in circles on the meter.  Thankfully my husband is arriving tomorrow.  His navigation skills and sense of direction are SO, SO much better than mine.

In other news, my training class went well today.  Not that I can complain either way since I’m the one that speaks only English, but the other people in this class are much more comfortable speaking English than the people I was in class with in Paris.  I don’t feel like I’m a huge inconvenience here since I don’t speak the native language which is a nice feeling.  It’s funny in these classes to hear American stereotypes.  (American’s get straight to business, no small talk which apparently is quite offensive in other countries.  The things you learn in different cultures.) Microsoft is, obviously, an US (well Redmond to be exact) centric company and it seems that an aspect of the company other countries don’t, let’s say, fully embrace.  I guess that’s the price we pay – I say we because I don’t work in Redmond but I don’t feel the “Redmond” effect as much as people in other roles, probably because, to some degree, my team (FAST) is still a bit segregated from the rest of Microsoft.


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