Do you ever do something extremely stupid and wish you had someone to blame other than yourself?  Ug…I had a few of those moments today…

I was completely packed and left my flat at 11:55am, five full minutes ahead of schedule.  I figured out how to navigate to London City Airport and was feeling very comfortable when the DLR was pulling into the airport stop at 12:35pm.  (Have I mentioned I hate being late?  Especially running late to the airport – unlike meetings and taxis, planes don’t wait.)  One step on to the platform and I realized I forgot my passport.  Yup, you read correctly – I went to the airport without my passport and had no one blame but myself. 

AH!  I was so upset with myself and caught the next train back to my flat.  I was frantically calling Pete to have him book a cab to pick me.  I was SO afraid that I was going to miss my flight.  Fortunately, I didn’t.  London City Airport is a 35 minute commute via the DLR door-to-door from our flat but only a 10 minute cab ride.  Phew!  I must have looked like a crazy person running from the DLR stop to our flat with a suitcase and overnight bag in tow.  Apologies to anyone I almost ran over.  Also, I’m out of shape.  Something I need to work on now that spring has arrived.

SO, I made it to Zurich!  No fun pictures to post at this point but I can report that the weather is beautiful and it seems to stay light out until at least 7:00pm!  Love it!  I’m excited to explore this weekend; Pete arrives late Friday night.  It seems that there are a LOT of Americans here.  Maybe it’s because I’m staying at a Holiday Inn but I was surrounded by American accents when I was checking in and eating dinner.


5 thoughts on “Zurich!

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  2. p.s. I drove to the MVA or DMV or %#^&hole (whatever they call it in Maryland) two times with an almost two year old to get a license. AND after my two drives and long lines and basically wanted to punch myself, I had to go to the library down the road to print out ANOTHER document because you know ssn cards and passports and ID’s are just not enough to get a license now. So, I printed one out after being told I needed a library card to use the computer and I told the lady I was going to bawl. She let me use it. Returned to my favorite place and then the sweet lady (very, very sarcastic) behind the counter told me the document she checked the second time round wasn’t the right one. Then Dave calls in the middle of it and wonders why I am going to kill myself as Henry throws his juice cup at the 5 million people in line. Yeah. Totally get the dumb moves and wanting to blame other people. Because guess what? I don’t have a license. And, furthmore, I don’t want one.

    • I totally agree about the Annie in shape comment. If Annie is in poor shape, I could be mistaken for a slug. Well, probably I could be, but you get my gist. I’m SO glad the flight was made! What franticness! And Rachael, There have been many times I wished I’d been armed with a two year old packing a juice cup! Leave the lid a little loose, next time, : )

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