Dad & Shanie Visit Day 3: To Hull and Back!

On Saturday we woke up early (well for us on Saturday) and caught the 8:30am train to Hull, England where the Pease side of my family is originally from.  The train ride is about three hours.  It was very funny to me to hear the accent change as we traveled outside of London.  I guess, much like the US, the accents vary a great deal from region to region.

We arrived in Hull around 11:30am and set out to find the Hull History Centre were we planned to look up some documents from Pease’s that lived in Hull in the 1700’s.  We spent several hours looking through the documents and trying to trace back our family history.  The actual family tree origin has yet to be determined.  It was very interesting to see and read (well try to read) letters that were written in the 1700’s.  The handwriting is quite beautiful but a bit difficult to read.  We found some funny things in the letters and even had the lady working there laughing.  Unfortunately, because they were short staffed they were only able to retreive documents for us once.  We (well mostly Shanie) took notes and will now be able to do some more research.

At about 2:00pm we all realized we were hungry and decided to head out to find a place to eat lunch.  The lady in the historical centre recommend “The Ommelette” which was just down the street.  The place looked like a complete dive but wasn’t so bad once we were inside.  After lunch we made a little detour in hopes of finding a fabric store that was supposidely right down the street.  Unfortuntely, it had gone out of business several months before – no Hull fabric for me!

We did find a church that, at least one, Pease is burried in.  The church was HUGE and the famous bells seemed to ring all day long – they were beautiful!  The inside of the church was quite beautiful as well.  But it was dark and very cold in there which made it a bit eery.  The are tombstones that date back to the early 1600’s – that’s before the Mayflower landed in the US!  Crazy!

We walked around “Old Towne” Hull for a little bit before heading back to the train station.  It was quite cold out so another coffee to warm up was definitely needed.  I had a nice nap on the train and we made it back to London around 8:30pm.  We decided to have dinner close to home in Canary Wharf.  Lucky for us there is a nice restaruant that is now open on Saturday night.  We had a lovely dinner before heading home. 

Here are some pictures…

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