Dad & Shanie Visit: Day 2

First things first, we hit Starbucks for our morning coffee fix then we ventured back to Piccadilly to get on the London Tour bus and see west London.  On our way we made a stop at Green Park to check out Buckingham Palace.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the Queen or any royalty for that matter.  We hopped on the bus and met our tour guide, Judy, who was wonderful.  We also had the best seats on the bus, top deck under the cover front row!  For a bit we were the only ones on the bus and took the opportunity to ask Judy some questions about the city and Hull, England where we were planning to visit on Saturday.  I can’t remember exactly but her quote was something along the lines of “From Hell, Hull and Halifax God protect us.”  Ha!  She said that before she asked us what our interest in Hull was – it’s where the Pease side of my family comes from…we think. 🙂

We had done the east London portion of the tour the day before so we jumped off the bus were we had boarded in Piccadilly before it looped into east London.  At that point we called Pete to come meet us for a late lunch (he had worked until 4:00am the night before and wasn’t too eager to get up when we left for the bus tour).  While we waited for Pete we went to Harrod’s to check it out.  The store is VERY overwhelming and ridiculously expensive so we didn’t spend too much time there.

Pete met us and we found a cafe to get a bite to eat before heading to Regent’s Park to see Queen Mary’s garden, you may remember that I visited this fall and LOVED it.  Well I didn’t think it through very well because the roses were not in bloom the first week of March.  It was a beautiful afternoon though and I always enjoy time in the parks here.  I think everyone else was a bit annoyed I dragged them across the city to the this park to see the beautiful gardens only be greeted by pruned bushes. Ha, my mistake!

We were all a bit tired at this point and decided to head back to our place to have dinner and get to bed early since we would be catching a train to Hull in the morning.

Here are the pictures (still loving my camara).  I especially like the picture of Shanie taking a picture of Dad holding the gnome.

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