Visitors have arrived!!

Our second set of visitor are here!  Dad and Shanie arrived this morning! The car driver called Pete at 6:24am in a slight panic because their plane had landed over an hour ago and he had yet to find them. Pete asked him to please give them another 10-15 minutes before he left and to call us if he found them. Well we hadn’t heard from him for 45 minutes and I had convinced myself he said forget it and left the airport but Pete called and they were only 5 minutes away!!

We visited for a little bit and then they went to bed (bit of a hard trip if you don’t sleep at all on the plane) Pete went into the office and I did some work from home.

When Dad and Shanie woke up we made our way to Tower Hill to catch the London Original Tour Bus. We got off the bus at Piccadilly, grabbed a much needed Starbucks (it was sunny but quit chilly -luckily I talked Shanie out of wearing flip-flops, haha), and headed to SoHo so I could show them my office building and some of the fabric stores I shop at.  Probably a bore to them but something I LOVE to do. 🙂

Then we headed to the London Eye – no line!! We got right on! And were able to see London all lit up. I must say London is quite charming at night, really a beautiful city.

It was getting late so we headed back to the wharf for dinner. We decided to give Nandos a shot and it was pretty good.  We headed home after dinner and to bed!

Here are some pictures from Day 1.

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