Today we woke up to bright sun and blue skies, a rare occurrence for London winters – definitely a sign that spring in around the corner. The pleasant weather called for a day trip. Windsor here we come!!

After cleaning the flat (we entertained last night) we headed to Waterloo to catch the 12:26 train, calling EVERYWHERE from London to Windsor. I quickly fell asleep on the train (surprise, surprise) and woke up to rain…heavy rain not the typical English mist.

In an attempt to wait out the rain we went into a very English pub to grab lunch. An hour and then some later (a new waitress accidentally served our sandwiches to another table then offered to give us their food…no thanks please bring ours. They did but extra mayo on Pete’s. Third times a charm.)  we were heading to Windsor palace. The rain was starting to let up and the sun was fighting its way out of the clouds.  Would have been a good idea to bring an umbrella…

The Castle grounds are huge – I think the audio tour said over 230 tennis courts but you can only visit a small portion. Many people live there and it’s used quite regularly by the royal family. We toured the Queen’s Doll House, apartments, armor rooms and some others. I only snapped one picture before being told indoor photography was a no-no.

Windsor is a cute little town, I enjoyed the visit.  Here are the pictures…

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