Looking forward to….

March, April & May are promising to be full of new adventures.  The fun begins next week!

March 3rd-6th: Dad and Shanie Visit; were planning a day trip to Hull where the Pease family is from
March 10th & 11th (maybe the weekend): Heading to Zurich, Switzerland for a training course; Pete may or may not fly in on Friday night so we can spend the weekend in Zurich
March 16th-21st: Boston & Maine!  I’ll be working in Boston on the 17th then spending a long weekend at home in Maine J
March Birthdays: Nate, Spencer, Jess, Betty, Henry, Teagan, Steph (hopefully I haven’t missed any!)
April: Several people have mentioned visiting us in April, although no one has confirmed dates – we are SO excited to have any visitors and hope everyone can come spend time with us here in this lovely city (or anywhere else!)
April 22nd – May 1st: Pete and I are visiting Shanghai & Beijing, China
April 29th: Royal Wedding (thankful we will be out of town for the chaos this will likely bring to London)
April Birthdays: Julia, Gary, Melissa
May 1st: Aunt Sue and Dan arrive in London, they leave for a cruise on the 2nd and will be spending the following week in London (super excited for them to visit)
May 28th: Victor & Chelsea tie the knot!
May Birthdays: Eva, Grammie, Nick, Grampa, Rachael & me

Loving that I will get to see so much of my family in the next few months!


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