Bienvenue à Paris!

Paris for training?  That definitely has a ring to it.  Thursday and Friday?  I’m in!  Oh ya, it also happens to fall on Valentine’s day weekend. 🙂  

Less than five hours ago I was sitting at my desk at work; now I’m sitting in a hotel in Paris.  It’s amazing to think where a two-hour and fifteen minute train ride can take you.  This is the truly incredible thing about Europe.  In two hours I’ve arrived in a different country, that speaks a different language, and has a different culture.  You just don’t get that in the US.  I love the different culture and being a part of it, if even for only 4 days and 4 nights.

I’ll be in training tomorrow and Friday.  Pete will be taking the train to come join me on Friday night and we will spend a lovely weekend in Paris.  It’s actually his old stomping ground.  He spent a semester studying abroad here and I’m excited to experience the city with him.

I exited the train station to be mobbed by motorcycle men taxi drivers.  As much I wanted to hop on the back of a complete stranger’s motorcycle in a city I’m unfamiliar with that speaks a language I don’t understand I didn’t; I waited in the taxi queue where I saw an elderly women completely bite it.  I felt terrible and tried to help her.  She must have gotten a jump on the wine culture on the train because she was laughing hysterically.  Fortunately, she was OK.

My taxi driver was an older man who didn’t speak any English but was very friendly.  I now know how people must feel when I talk to them in English and really wish/hope they understand.  Hotel and staff are very friendly.  They seemed to get a kick out of me anyway…not sure why.  American that doesn’t know her phone number might have done it. 

It turns out that my class is actually taking place in the hotel.  I saw a sign in the lobby and got an email confirming when I checked my email.  Kind of a strange coincidence since I picked this hotel out of a list of 10+.  I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.  I was looking forward to going into the Paris office, meeting new people, seeing the a different campus.  Now for the next two days I will be confided to this hotel.  Maybe there is a fabric store near by I can check out…

I think a hot bath is in order


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