Rack of Lamb

Friday night I made rack of lamb for dinner.  As previously mentioned, I’m working out of my Martha Stewart learn to cook book.  I’m trying to cook something “nice” at least twice a month.  For my own enjoyment and I like the practice – someday I’ll be able to have a dinner party and serve a “smashing” meal.

The recipe calls for a blender which I do not have in my London kitchen – I do have one in my kitchen to be, stored in Rhode Island.  So a little improvising was required.  I also had to have Pete stop to pick up some mint on the way home from the airport…I think he was less than impressed with the errand.   

This particular recipe is rack of lamb coded with parley, mint, lemon zest and breadcrumbs.  Even with the improvs I thought it came out pretty good.  I served it with couscous and carrots. 

The best part is that after whipping up an almost gourmet meal Friday night, last night I made sweet and sour chicken and vegetable stir-fry and Pete thought it was the best meal ever.  He even took leftovers for lunch today which I have NEVER seen him do before.


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