Delivered to the Door

I could get used to this!  They roped me in with a £10 off your first order coupon.  Of course, after reading the fine print I learned it was £10 off your first order of £50 or more.  Load up the virtual cart!  Anything heavy or bulky that we were running even slightly low on was ordered.  Beer, water, flour, sugar, dishwasher/laundry detergent, fabric softener, toilet paper.  Let them bring it to me!  And they did!

I, typically, like grocery shopping.  Wandering the aisles is somehow soothing to me.  I like to pick out my own produce.  I like to compare the different brands and see what’s on sale.  But when the grocery store is ½ mile away (remember no car) I don’t really enjoy carrying all my stuff home in the cold (and sometimes wet) weather.  And if I forget my reusable bags, the trip becomes even more miserable.  So online grocery shopping sounded quite appealing to me mid-January.

I choose my time slot and waited.  I also learned during this experience that our buzzer has a video camera.  I can actually see the person buzzing my apartment.  The groceries were delivered to my door.  The delivery man offered to bring them to the kitchen but I figured I could do that much (ok, ok I also didn’t want to invite in a stranger).  He gave me the canned speech – anything missing or damaged call this number.

I was pleasantly surprised as I unpacked.  It was almost like they knew our household and wanted to get us hooked.  They threw in an extra box of brownies (Pete was thrilled) and you can imagine the smile on my face when I came across the Haagen-Dazs icecream they threw in!


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