Making Progress

Sorry!  No pictures for the past two days of the dresses I’ve been whipping up.  To be very honest, I’ve been so engrossed in my work that I lose all track of time and before I know it’s 11pm and I need to go to bed.  Of course, when I get in bed my mind is still racing with creativity and ideas.

Yesterday I spent my entire lunch break in two textile stores picking out fabric, bias binding, and buttons for the dresses I made last night.  I was immersed in picking out fabric that I failed to notice Keira Knightley also buying fabric.  It would have been my first celebrity sighting in London.  Word on the street is that she shops there all the time and since I’m in there almost every day I’m bound to run into her again…right?

Last night I had my mind set to make a reversible dress.  I picked out two navy fabric prints for the skirt and a bright pink for the top (after all, the summer collection theme is simple style, with vibrate, fun colors).  I had a picture of the dress in my head and loved it.  I got working last night and about ½ way through…well at the point after I had two dresses made and was about to attach to make a single, reversible dress I realized that I loved the dresses too much as individuals to make one.  Can’t lie, I was also thinking about how expensive the fabric was.  Unfortunately, because of my change of heart I didn’t complete either dress last night.  I also now need to line both of them.  I should be able to complete one, if not both of them, tonight.

I do promise to post pictures AS SOON as they are done!  Lastly, so far the dresses are looking better than I imagined…I know the anticipation is killing you;)

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