Martha and Me

OK, I’ll admit Julie and Julia definitely sounds better.

Much like crafting, I love to cook but have limited experiencing doing so.  Since I’ve become a wife (ha) I’ve started cooking more often.  I think it’s also directly related to the fact that I moved to London just one week after getting married and immediately fell in love with the markets here.  In my opinion there are few better ways to spend a Saturday morning in London (note I said London because my favorite way in the world to spend a Saturday morning is being woken up at some unreasonable hour by a little princess calling out my name because she wants to come sleep/cuddle with me for a little while before it gets light out and she is allowed to wake up) then picking out fresh vegetables, herbs, meat, bread, etc. at a local market with the intention of cooking a fabulous dinner that night. 

A while ago my mom gave me Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook.  The book had been gathering dust in my bedroom in Rhode Island (along with many other wedding gifts that I think about often, dreaming of the day I have a nice big kitchen and house (apartment would even do) to put them all in)until my most recent trip back to London.  The book made it into my carry-on (did I mention I went home in a carry-on and came back with three 52 pound bags?) and at the bar while sipping an adult beverage pre-boarding I started thumbing through it.  This is great book not just for beginner cooks but for anybody who is interested in cooking.  It has all of the basics and builds upon them throughout the book.  Right now it’s my go-to as I begin my journey into the world of cooking.

This weekend my intention was to make a stuffed turkey roll (the actual recipe name escapes me at the moment).  It’s a fabulous looking dish and relatively easy (from my experience) to make.  I quickly discovered that turkey breast in London only comes with the holidays unless special ordered.  Martha says “Improvise!”  AKA be able to change/adjust the recipe as needed.  This happens to be an easy solution; chicken breast was available so I went for it.  I also found chicken sausage was I thought to be a good substitute for the type of sausage the recipe called for.

Next improvise: Cheesecloth, not something I keep stocked in our teeny kitchen or even know where to find to buy.  A quick Bing search and I had my substitute, lucky for me I had started my sewing project just a day before and had some extra white lining cloth available.  And to tie the chicken in the cheesecloth I had to use thread…OH well it seemed to work out just fine.

Outcome?  Delicious!  I served the dish with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  Pete loved the meal and so did I!  This recipe does take some time but is relatively easy and straightforward. 


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