My First Project

Starter Fabric

 Friday night I began the process of piecing together my patterns and starting my first “practice” piece.  I worked on and off Saturday and Sunday until, for the most part, I finished – still need to add the buttons and a pocket.  Winter rainy weekends are conducive to staying inside and sewing, especially since my husband got two HBO series seasons for Christmas so he was keen on lying on the couch and watching them while I went to work on my fabric.  **On a side note Pete came home from Istanbul on Thursday night and saw this and was SO, very seriously, impressed with my work.  I had a very good laugh before I told him that this was just fabric…store bought, that I had done nothing too.  I actually didn’t even have my sewing machine at this point.

It took me a while to get into the swing of it.  And I’d be telling a lie if I said my seam-ripper didn’t get used…a lot.  But my persistence paid off and the end product actually resembles a dress!  Pete, going from one extreme to the next, said he was impressed and didn’t think that my dress would even look like a dress.  Well make your own judgement.



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