Happy Christmas Market

Love the London markets…have I said this already?!  I think I could visit once a week (and I have for the past several weeks) and discover something new each visit.  Over the course of the three months (wow, three months already?) I’ve been here I’ve visited all the signature London markets.

Street performer - he moves if you pay.

In recent weeks the Christmas Markets have opened bringing a renewed excitement to the London Market scene.  Pete has been gracious enough to accompany me to the markets the past couple of weekends – he might even enjoy it just a little bit.

He must practice yoga!

Our latest adventure was to the Christmas Market at Waterloo.  The temporary market is set-up right on the Thames Path, combining the festivity of the market with the weekend excitement of the Thames Path.  The market is situated right under the London Eye – so yes, this is a very busy part of the city and of course a mega tourist attraction.  (Pete says I’ll become a “local” when I stop taking pictures everywhere we go and acting like a tourist.  Has he failed to notice that I take pictures wherever I am?  Including his house in Rhode Island and my house in Maine – in fact these are two of my favorite places to take pictures since they will more often than not include one of our nieces or nephews.)

Beach exhibit! Quite impressive.

It’s a fun place to be on a Saturday morning.  The path is busy with little kids whipping around on their scooters, runners, families, and, of course, tourists with their oversized Nikon cameras (not making fun, I would love to have one) and tendency to stop at the worst possible place to take pictures. Street performers are out with their best acts for the large crowds – give them a few coins and you too can become part of the show.  Stalls merrily decorated and exploring with the joys of Christmas – gifts, ornaments, snow globes, trinkets galore!  The smells of fried dough and sausage with peppers and onions tease your senses.  AND, I almost forgot to mention, the Christmas music – “the best way to spread holiday cheer is signing loud for all to hear!”  Oh the glory of the market! 

When market ends the Thames path continues, this weekend it led us to a book fair of sorts.  It’s fun to scroll through the books looking at the random assortments of titles offered.  I’m a window shopper of course, although I will do it, it’s rare for me to purchase a book.  I’m more into inheriting books or borrowing them from the library (my latest two purchases were the last two books in the Twilight series and WELL worth the money spent – LOVED the whole series and devoured the four books in a week’s time).

Little shops, cafés, and restaurants line the path as well as street vendors and more performers (the video in the previous post was taken on this trip – that band was hopping!).  We had a nice little stroll and ended up at the Tate Modern at which point we decided to cross the river and head towards Pete’s office (he had to log a few hours at his desk).  St. Paul’s is decked for a Happy Christmas.  In London it’s “Happy Christmas” to everyone.  Skip the PC “Happy Holidays”.  Everything is plastered with Christmas cheer – I absolutely love it!

Speaking of absolutely loving it…I’m heading home (to the US) TODAY to see spend some quality time with my FAMILY.  I can’t wait!!!  Extremely excited!!!!

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