A Wonderful Weekend with my husband

Pete & I at Miles' Party

I’m so happy to say that this past weekend Pete and I were able to spend the ENTIRE weekend (Friday night until Monday morning) together!  I don’t think this has happened since we have been in London.  Usually he has to spend at least a couple of hours each weekend in the office.  NOT this weekend!!  Although we did swing by the office so he could pick up some books he had to review. 

Stopped for a picture with Santa's sleigh on the way to the party

Saturday, after I went to yoga and he went to the gym, we began our mission to find outfits for the Christmas party we would be attending that evening.  When we went Camden Market a few weeks ago – read about it here – we scoped out some potential outfits.  Finding an outfit for me was easy.  They had Christmas themed sweater dresses at almost every stall.  The fun part came when we started bartering.  I think we went to each stall to see which would offer us the best price – we decided early on that we’d go with the dress that was the cheapest.  It was quite funny to watch Pete negotiate with the Indian men.  Between their accent and the whispering (they whisper so no other customers can hear the deal you will be getting) I had hard time understanding what they were saying and was only catching about every other word.  Some funny lines that I did catch were:

“It’s £25.  **pause, while we look at him like he’s crazy** But I can do much cheaper.  What you want to pay?”

“You buy it for £10 from China and bring it back to me.”

Lego man cuff links at Spitalfields

It’s also interesting how different stalls/parts of the market work.  The Indian men are over you like white on rice trying to get you to buy; offering you deals left and right.  It’s a guarantee that they will sell you their merchandise for cheaper than the ticketed price.  The Asian and white women in a different section of the market just stand back and let you look, maybe they will ask you if you are looking for a different size.  The prices in their stalls are the prices you will pay – no deals.

Bakery at Spitalfields - we bought one of the round things seen in the middle, far right

Like I said, we found my outfit quick and early.  Pete’s outfit was another story.  We searched the market high and low for anything that resembled Christmas…with no luck.  We did venture into a section of the market I had not yet visited – VINTAGE.  I loved it!!  I will have to go back one weekend when Pete is working because I could spend hours just looking through everything.  He, on the other hand, was NOT into it – same story as yard saling.  I love it, he hates it. 

We were at the market for several hours.  I didn’t realize it was getting so late until it started to get dark.  Since we still hadn’t found Pete an outfit we crossed our fingers and made a mad dash for ASDA in hopes of finding SOMETHING…well anything at this point.  BINGO!  Pete found some candy cane pajama pants that would go perfectly with his “mistletoe?  Who needs mistletoe” shirt.  I also picked up some tacky reindeer earrings.

BoA ML Crew - Pete, Miles & Pete

We had a fabulous time at Miles’ party.  He has the perfect flat for parties, bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor and a completely open plan on the 2nd.  He ordered a 12 foot Christmas tree and had the whole place festively decorated.  The best part about it was no one was smoking inside!

Sunday morning we spelt in but woke up ready to go.  I wanted to check out Spitalfields Market – if you haven’t noticed I love the markets in London.  It definitely didn’t disappointment me.  We wandered through the market checking out all the stalls, having a lovely time.  You can see the pictures of Spitalfield throughout the post.

Before we knew it was Sunday night and time to get ready for another week.  Of course, I was super excited for the weekend to be coming to an end because the end of each day brings me one day closer to getting on a plane back to the US and getting to see and visit with all my family and friends!!


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