OK back to MIL & FIL’s visit…

On Friday we woke up early (well, relatively early) and took the train to Salisbury.  The bus tour to Stonehenge picked us up at the bus station.  It’s interesting that the part of England we were in was almost like being in Massachusetts – we drove through Salisbury, Amesbury, Concord (other towns that are also in Mass that I can’t remember).

Stonehenge is quite interesting.  The construction was started in like 3000 BC – 5000 years ago.  That’s really quite amazing if you think about it.  More amazing, well astonishing really is structure itself AND the fact that they brought the boulders in from Scotland (I believe – I’m memory is bit fuzzy on whether it was Scotland or Wales, probably I’m completely off base but the point is these rocks weren’t local).  I was thinking about how difficult it would be to move these boulders – literally, they are HUGE – today, with modern technology.  I wish I could have seen the tools, etc. that was used to build Stonehenge.

While the reason for the construction of Stonehenge is unknown, there are a lot of rumors surrounding its existence.  After visiting I’m quite sure that it was used as some sort of sacrificial alter.  It’s definitely what it looked like to me.  Although, the structure also functions as a calendar of sorts.  The rocks are structured so that at each month the sun shines through a different set of rocks and casts a shadow just so.  Pretty amazing.

We spent just over an hour taking the tour and learning about the structure.  Fortunately none of us gets car sick because the bus driver on the way back to the bus station had a serious led foot.  He was bombing it through these back roads – I was prepared to crash into the ditch at any moment.  In the town center we found a VERY cheap pub to have lunch at – burger, fries and beer for £4.99.  Back on the bus, I slept the entire trip back to London – out cold.  After the long day of traveling we rented a movie and had a relaxing night at home.

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