Greenwich: Home of the Prime Meridian of the World

Last full day of MIL & FIL’s visit was a low-key relaxing day – perfect for a Sunday.  We slept in (GG got to try out our gym) and then ventured to Greenwich.  We made a quick stop in the market hoping to find some more of the lactose free cupcakes I got Pete for his birthday.  No such luck!  The lady was on vacation.  Fortunately, we stumbled across a vegan cupcake stand, so GG did get a cupcake!  I was up for eating lunch in the market – like most of the markets here they have a wide variety of ethnic food which looks and smells delicious (I have yet to try any).  But due to the crowd and lack of places to sit we to Café Rouge for a bite.  Pete LOVES Café Rouge, so he was happy.  The food is always good, so no complaints from me.

Next stop: Prime Meridian of the World – Greenwich Mean Time.  Well we saw the line and the clock!  And now I can say I’ve been to the Prime Meridian of the World – it sounds cool. J

For dinner we went to Hazev.  It’s a Turkish restaurant that is quite close to our flat.  Pete and I go there every couple of weeks.  I really enjoy the food and it’s relatively inexpensive.

We had a great visit with Pete’s parents and I was sad to see them go.  Knowing that I’ll be back to my bedroom in Cumberland in less than two weeks was comforting.  Thanks MIL and FIL for a fabulous time!


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