Tower of London & Winter Wonderland

On Friday evening we had a little debate on whether or not we should get up early on Saturday or Sunday morning and go to Bath – it’s about a three hour door-to-door trip.  After contemplating we decided against it and instead decided to sleep in then spend the day doing London things.

First things first, we made our way back to the Tower of London.  This time around we had plenty of time to explore the entire tower.  Another place that is quite fascinating.  I had been before during my ’06 trip but it’s one of those places that you can visit several times and continue to learn new things.  My favorite part of the tower, I’m sure this will come as a shock, is the crown jewels.  This is the vault where you can see crowns, staffs, and jewelry worn by kings and queens throughout the ages.  I don’t know how England is in a debt crisis with all these diamonds, gold and jewels.  I’m sure they would make bank if it was cashed in.  It was kind of interesting that some pieces were missing with a little note that said “In Use” – good to know that the goods do get out of the vault from time to time.

After freezing our bums off at the Tower of London we went to Bodean’s from lunch – yup this is the same place we went first hoping to watch the Patriots game, although that night we weren’t allowed to order food.  The food there was very good – traditional American BBQ, how can you go wrong?

From Bodean’s we made our way over to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – which is equivalent to a fair in the US, maybe not quite as big.  It was packed, extremely hard to move as a foursome.  Pete quickly (well as quick as possible) made his way to the bar where we enjoyed some live music and adult beverages.  Between the crowds and the cold we didn’t last long.  We made our way back to the flat where I cooked a beer butt chicken and we had a nice dinner at home.


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