A Little Snow = Severe Delays

Snow in Canary Wharf

This morning London woke up to a blanket of snow.  It wasn’t a thick blanket but a blanket not the less – probably 1/2 inch.  I debated working from home, unsure of how the commute would be affected but decided to suck it up and go into the office.

Well I made it but it was a long and VERY crowded commute.  Apparently others experienced the same.  Lots of snow and no shovels = very slippery streets.  I almost fell several times heading into work.  It appears that most people here in London don’t have snow boots (go figure, snow is a rare occurence) so they were rain boots instead.  It’s very funny to me to see all the rain boots out in the snow – something you wouldn’t see in New England.


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